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Leveraging Everything DiSC®
to Improve Team Performance


When people accept and value others and try to meet their needs, they get MORE done together FASTER with LESS stress and BETTER results!

Trust.  Engagement.  Collaboration.  These are necessary and important ingredients for high-performing teams and work cultures. 


Taking time to hire smart people with cutting-edge skills is a great start, but throwing them together and hoping for the best doesn't make them a productive team.  Leaving them on their own to figure out how to work together takes too much time and effort, and creates factions and silos - the exact opposite of what you want.  Ultimately individuals lose interest or give up and stop engaging the way they used to. As a business leader, you lose productivity and money, and you're left to deal with a daily culture of "personalities" and everyone is experiencing people-stress.  It's not fun for anyone.

When individuals understand themselves and learn where others are coming from, what makes them "tick," and their motivations and priorities in the workplace, they stop criticizing others and judging others, which builds trust.  As they recognize the underlying reasons for others' behavior, they begin to accept and value each other in a new way.  When they are given a common language in which to communicate, colleagues have the ability to change the direction of the dialogue.  They use new tools and discover how to move from a culture of "misunderstandings and maneuvering" to cooperation and collaboration.  Trust, acceptance, feeling valued and "seen" are all critical aspects of employee engagement.  Trust allows the team to get more done together faster than before with less stress.

Simply put, Everything DiSC is a catalyst for culture change and helps build trust and engagement, which leads to more productivity.  

How You Can Leverage Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC is an affordable, customized team-building and professional development solution that combines validated Everything DiSC® assessments with fun, interactive in-person or virtual training. Our assessment and training packages range from $160 to $450 per person, based on your needs and goals, and depending on the number of participants.

Our customized solutions are appropriate for people at all levels of an organization to help them improve their interactions with peers, managers, direct reports, and customers.  Built-in online reinforcement tools and tips provide real-time help on demand, anywhere, anytime.

Where can you use Everything DiSC?

DiSC is widely used in every industry and setting:

  • Team and trust building activities

  • Monthly or quarterly staff meetings

  • Leadership and staff retreats

  • Sales meetings

  • Non-profit board meetings

  • Management and supervisor trainings

  • Leadership visioning and planning meetings

Read about the learner experience and takeaways.

How can you use Everything DiSC?

DiSC expertly supports these work activities:

DiSC is not meant for hiring and selection.

Who is the best audience for DiSC?

Everything DiSC applications are appropriate for everyone at all levels of your organization, including C-Suite, managers, supervisors, sales professionals, technical and administrative staff.  Everything DiSC applications work together and allow learners to "look through a different lens" based on their role in the organization. 

Explore Everything DiSC Applications:

How much time is required for DiSC?

Everything DiSC offers flexible, modular training delivered in 60-90 minute increments either virtually or in-person, or can be delivered all in one day at a staff, leadership, or board retreat.  We customize training segments to meet your specific needs and timelines.

Participants generally need 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete their DiSC assessment, and the assessments can be scheduled for delivery any day of the week and at any time.

On-demand reinforcement and tips are available anytime, anywhere, 24/7 through the Catalyst platform for continuous learning.

TeamMechanics can deliver assessments and design training with as little as two weeks notice.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What are the outcomes from a DiSC team building workshop?

Our DiSC team building workshops include many different types of engaging activities including individual work, pairs, small groups, and large group discussions.  TeamMechanics provides an executive summary of all session outputs and action plans to be used for reinforcement and reference by sponsors and participants. 


Depending on the DiSC application, additional outcomes may include:

  • Access to Catalyst for reinforcement and on-demand learning

  • Individual action plans for reinforcement and manager coaching

  • A customized team map prepared by TeamMechanics

  • A printed, bound assessment report for each participant

  • Workshop handouts and supplemental materials

  • Unlimited comparison reports

  • Access to a facilitator's supplemental report for each participant, when appropriate

How do you begin planning a DiSC team building workshop?

TeamMechanics is ready to help you bring a customized DiSC team building workshop to your team!

Needs Analysis:  Let's begin with a conversation to learn more about your needs, your team culture, and what you're trying to accomplish.  We'll design and recommend a solution and provide a customized proposal within 1-2 business days.

Timeline:  We schedule team building workshops in as little as 2 weeks, based on availability.  Assessments are generally delivered the same day as the request.

Easy, Complete Process:  We do our best to make everything easy for you.  We'll provide everything needed to ensure success.

Learn more about participant outcomes from a DiSC team building workshop.

Our goal is to help you transform your work culture and improve results.  Team building workshops help people feel valued and appreciated, and as a result, they contribute more value.  Everybody wins!
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