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DiSC Learner Experience, Takeaways, & Testimonials


What will you and your team experience in a DiSC team building workshop?


You begin your journey with a validated DiSC assessment to build your SELF-AWARENESS.
  • What drives and motivates you
  • What stresses you
  • How you may see others
  • How others may see you
Download a sample report.


You learn about OTHERS through interactive training activities
(classroom or virtual).

Read participant testimonials.
You begin to RECOGNIZE similarities and differences and learn to APPRECIATE others' styles.

Your new awareness lessens misunderstandings, negative reactions and unspoken criticisms that cause stress and drain productivity.


You create action plans and use personalized TIPS & STRATEGIES to improve work interactions in your role to build trust and get better results!
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Access TIPS & REINFORCEMENT through Catalyst from any device real-time, on demand.
You get immediate HELP, anytime, anywhere you want it.

Everyone WINS!

Better interactions lead to less stress, more fun, and better results.

Everyone wins!
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Everything DiSC Learner Takeaways

A New Self-Awareness

Participants become more self-aware and understand how their reactions to other styles, and how their own behaviors may be perceived by others.

Appreciation for Others

Participants learn the differences between styles and gain a new appreciation for the characteristics and strengths each brings to the workplace.

Personalized Strategies

Depending on the DiSC application, participants will identify specific tips to use in their specific role or in specific situations to better communicate with others.

Ongoing Reinforcement

Participants have access to the Catalyst platform for real-time tips and reinforcement, no matter where they are.  The learning continues long after the training is done.

Understanding the Dominant Style

Greatest contributions to the workplace

  • Achieving results and willingness to take action

  • Willing to make decisions, right or wrong

  • Leadership confidence

  • Willingness to have candid conversations

  • Fast-paced, reliable, and independent

  • High-level perspective to consider ideas and risk

Greatest fears

Indecisiveness, incompetence, wasting time, lack of productivity, failure, losing control, inefficient procedures, lack of autonomy and independence

How they feel misunderstood

  • Uncaring, unemotional and lack compassion for others

  • Frustration stems from a lack of progress, not people

  • Misunderstood as rude, short, uninterested and controlling

How others can better relate to them

Don't take things personally - have a thick skin.  Set clear expectations and be direct.  Be quick and efficient to provide solutions and don't hesitate to communicate when needed

Understanding the Influence Style

Greatest contributions to the workplace

  • Creating an environment that is collaborative, welcoming and fun

  • Encouraging others to express themselves

  • Influencing others with enthusiasm to help them realize a vision

  • Being intentional about each interaction

  • Helping others feel important and inspiring them to be happy

  • Optimism, evenness and good listening skills

Greatest fears

Social rejection, being ignored, isolation, not getting quick results, hesitancy, giving negative feedback, unable to use intuition, working with overcautious people, negative attitudes

How they feel misunderstood

  • Having emotions is seen as weakness

  • Misinterpreting friendliness as attention-seeking

  • Being perceived as not open-minded enough or direct enough

How others can better relate to them

Be more flexible with others' opinion and demonstrate emotional intelligence.  Share enthusiasm, smile when you speak to us, and give verbal confirmation so we know we have ebeen heard.

Understanding the Steadiness Style

Contributions to the workplace

  • Patience, understanding and teamwork

  • Empathy, humility and authenticity

  • Loyal, hard-working, reliable and consistent team-player

  • Even-tempered and methodical

  • Peacemakers that work to create a harmonious environment through support, inclusion and collaboration

Greatest fears

Complacency, conflict and confrontation, disappointing people; chaos, unclear guidelines or expectations, rushing decisions, dealing with negative people, giving negative feedback

How they feel misunderstood

  • We have no opinions and do not have a strong drive

  • Viewing our kindness as weakness (pushovers)

  • Happy and relaxed does not mean uncaring/incompetent

How others can better relate to them

Give us time to think and consider our words, and we need time for decisions.  We need clear expectations and directions.  Demonstrate appreciation and relate to us.

Understanding the Conscientiousness Style

Contributions to the workplace

  • Analytical, local, and accurate

  • Patient, consistent and dependable

  • Ability to accurately solve problems

  • Supportive and remains calm and collected

  • Process-oriented (yet may not always appear organized)

  • Knowledgeable and expert at things falling within my role

Greatest fears

Being wrong or unprepared, conflict, not having clear guidelines, dealing with overly emotional or erratic people, not being heard, being rushed to make decisions without time for analysis, chaos

How they feel misunderstood

  • Being cautious is mistaken as no progress or desire to act

  • Working autonomously doesn't mean we won't collaborate

  • Perceived as too serious, standoffish, and business-oriented

How others can better relate to them

Be patient and allow time for responses.  Provide evidence and facts more than opinions.  Schedule and plan to avoid chaos.  State your needs clearly, ask questions, and use common sense or logic.

Everything DiSC Participant Testimonials

Read what participants said about their DiSC experience after a TeamMechanics' facilitation.

"It gave me a better understanding about relationships and revealed areas in my work habits that need improvement."
team building workshops
"Some of my coworkers that I saw as quiet and passive, I now see as analytical."
"Before this training, I may have had the tendency to control conversations. After this training, I will be more laid back and let others voice their opinions."
"I learned that I need to be more aware of various personality styles and not take certain actions personally."
Florida team building consultant
"It gives me a goal to keep my emotions under control when in the work place so I don't make my colleagues feel uncomfortable."
"Being very new, I feel like I just got the SparkNotes version of who everyone would take me six months to learn all of my team's personalities and I got it in four hours!  I can start on the right foot with everyone."
Disc trainer orlando
"I highly recommend this experience in any work setting because it is eye opening to see and build a stronger relationship with people you work with on a daily basis."
Our goal is to help hundreds of teams transform their work cultures in the next five years because people who feel valued and accepted contribute more value, and as a result, everybody wins!

If we aren't the right solutions provider for you, we'll tell you.  Your time is valuable and we want to make sure we can give you the outcomes you desire.  We will do our best to recommend a solution provider to meet your needs.

If you're ready to ask questions, get a quote or need additional information, please reach out!  We're standing by to help.

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