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David Fosburgh

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Valerie Fosburgh

Phone: 407-986-0980

As owner and lead facilitator of TeamMechanics, David Fosburgh has always had a strong interest in personal development and human performance improvement. For over 20 years he has been a highly-regarded consultant associated with global learning organizations, who, in turn, help their global clients achieve top performance in sales, leadership effectiveness, teamwork and improving the customer experience.  His travels have taken him coast to coast in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Central America, and Switzerland.

As head of Operations and Administration, Valerie manages day-to-day requests and oversees the tracking and administration of the assessment tools for our customers.  Valerie has over 20 years’ experience working on teams in the roles of Director of Client Services and Development Manager, and has worked in for-profit companies and served in the non-profit realm.  Valerie is results-focused, excels at seeing the “big picture,” and also has a keen eye for managing the smallest of details that make a big difference in your customer satisfaction! 

Read more about what you can expect from TeamMechanics through our client testimonials.

TeamMechanics provides online disc assessments, soft skills training, coaching, strategy and facilitation for:

help for individuals with communication assessments and training
help for teams with communication and team assessments and training
Intact Teams
help for leaders with communication and leadership assessments and training
help for organizations with strategy, feedback, and decision-making

We share your concerns and commitment to results.

We know that in this hyper-competitive world, three of your biggest worries are maintaining a competitive edge in your industry, meeting revenue or donor targets, and getting the most productivity out of the talent you have.

TeamMechanics exists because we worry about the same things.  We have an unwavering desire to help people communicate more effectively, work more collaboratively, and get “unstuck” so that your organization stays as competitive as possible. 
We are based in Orlando, Florida and we travel to organizations throughout the U.S.  We also work with global clients through an extensive partner network.

Leaders, if you are serious about looking for ways to be more influential and achieve a happier, more productive workforce that is focused on results, TeamMechanics can help you.

Individual contributors, if you want to be a more versatile communicator and have others take you seriously so that you can move up, TeamMechanics can help you.  Visit our DIY page.
We are driven to serve others and help them be the best they can be in their workplaces.  Our customers ultimately become our friends.  We want to earn your trust and the honor to call you both customer and friend, too.

Our core principles make us different.

Our Premise
We believe that organizations have the ability to bring out the best performance from everyone, regardless of their tenure or their roles and responsibilities.
Our Purpose
We help individual contributors, work teams, and leaders get "unstuck" and reclaim their purpose and motivation to achieve measurable, profitable results with a sense of personal fulfillment.
Our Promise
We will meet you where you are, help you pick up where you left off, and navigate while you drive your own progress to get where you want to go. 

How does TeamMechanics add value?

We provide validated personal assessment tools used to improve self-awareness, communication, and teamwork.  These tools are not time-intensive and they provide participants with immediate, personalized feedback and recommendations for communicating more effectively with others and working more collaboratively as a team. 
Through targeted on-site training, reinforcement activities, and coaching, we help leaders and individual contributors in organizations apply and reinforce what they learn from the personal assessment tools so that true behavior change can take place over time.
We also help groups drastically reduce the time it takes to come to consensus and make decisions. Our structured, strategic planning process energizes group discussions, tests for alignment, and levels the playing field through immediate and anonymous feedback.
results-oriented solutions for people and teams
experienced coaches and facilitators
affordable solutions for people and team issues
Complete solutions including assessments, reporting, training and coaching
Collaborative consultants delivering personalized programs
Read more about what you can expect from TeamMechanics through our client testimonials.
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