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Improve Team Performance Through Communication & Team Building

How well is your team functioning?  Do you want to inspire your team and improve collaboration and performance? 

Great communication drives trust, and teams with high trust have better performance.  Teams that work to build trust achieve more faster with less stress.  Healthy teams actively drive progress and results within organizations, and are vital to the organization's success.  

An unhealthy team can unintentionally sabotage the goals of the organization by making it harder for everyone else, whether they are customers, partners, employees or vendors.
Warning Signs of Team Issues

Team communication issues are often more subtle than visible workplace drama and usually stem from misunderstandings because of a lack of trust.

  • Decisions are not being made

  • No alignment/pretense of alignment

  • Members are self-focused and avoid contact with each other

  • Members don't ask for help

  • Members are unwilling to admit mistakes

  • Members avoid conflict

  • There is little or no team accountability

What You May Hear

"If everyone on my team could just get along, it would make things a whole lot easier."

"I don't understand why no one asked for input before making decisions that affect our team?"

"I can't even remember the last time we did something fun to celebrate our wins."

"They call us a team but really we're just a bunch of individuals working in silos."

What You May Observe

The Impact on Business

When people who work together don't get along or stop trying to understand one another, the organization bears the cost.

The cost of poor communication

  • Poor customer service

  • Failed project delivery

  • Increased employee turnover/absenteeism

  • Low morale

  • Greater incidence of injuries

  • Lower profits and/or shareholder returns

Leaving the status quo is costing you MORE than fixing the problems.
Office Workspace

We can help you and your team build trust and improve performance.

We recommend reliable solutions that:​
  • Builds trust and communication within the team

  • Promotes healthy conflict without fear

  • Supports team decision-making with commitment

  • Reinforces team and personal accountability

  • Focuses on team performance and results

We recommend using trust and team building assessments and workshops including Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors to build trust and enhance team communication.  When everyone feels valued, they contribute more value.  Everyone wins!

Contact us today to supercharge your team's performance!

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