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Leadership Development

Team Meeting

Is your leadership team achieving organizational goals?  The best leaders proactively communicate to inspire and lead.

Communication.  Vision.  Alignment.  Execution.

That seems like a pretty simple recipe, doesn’t it?  A strong leader has a clear vision and is able to articulate it to his or her team.  The leader is able to get the team fully aligned on what it takes to fulfill that vision, and then champions the execution of that vision by the team.
Many leaders start to settle into simply being “managers” of their teams, losing sight of the vision and how people are, or are not, aligned on it.  The good news is that you can take concrete steps to get your team re-focused on the vision!

Warning Signs When Leaders Aren't Leading.

What you may observe

  • The leader allows people to work in “silos” and doesn’t hold meetings to communicate shared goals.

  • The leadership team discusses the organization’s vision, mission, and goals but does not communicate them effectively to the rest of the organization

  • There is very little communication between team members

  • Duplication of work effort/tasks exists

  • Leaders are doing more “managing” and “doing” tasks that their team should be doing

  • High employee turnover

What you may hear

“I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.”

“What does it matter?  Nobody asks us what we think of the changes being made around here.”

“His/her door is always closed.  I can’t get the help I need when I need it.”

“Why are we doing it that way?  It doesn’t make any sense!”

“The only time I hear from my boss is when I’m not doing something right.”

Cost of Weakness

Organizations become stagnant when leaders are riding instead of captaining.

Here are the markers that suggest that leaders aren't leading effectively:
  • Diminished credibility and absence trust

  • Lack of communication across departments

  • Duplication of effort

  • Team members doing the bare minimum to keep their jobs

  • Shrinking revenue or donations

Are you satisfied with your progress and profits?
Office Meeting
Our Approach

Leaders need tools to become more effective at steering the ship.

We would like to recommend an effective, personalized solution that:​
  • Is easy to understand

  • Recognizes your leadership style and priorities

  • Identifies your leadership strengths and challenges

  • Is available in multiple languages

  • Is time-tested, extensively researched and validated

We recommend Everything DiSC Work of Leaders as a comprehensive tool to take your leadership to the next level.

Take charge and give your leaders the edge to lead and succeed.

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