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Effective leaders understand and embrace their critical role in casting a strong vision, building alignment and championing execution in order to achieve collaborative results.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how Everything DiSC Work of Leaders will help you understand how your personal communication and leadership styles impact your overall effectiveness.
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What if you could understand how your leadership tendencies...

Need for accuracy
need for collaboration
need for stability
need for results

...influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations?

Wouldn't it make your job as a leader so much easier?

Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership styles and how they impact their effectiveness. 

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Distilled from the work of more than 300 subject-matter experts at over 150 organizations, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is the source for leadership best practices.

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The Everything DiSC model
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders provides a simple, compelling process that helps leaders get real results.  The program improves self-awareness in key areas that will help you get better outcomes as a leader.
Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership and communication styles and how these styles impact their effectiveness. After taking the assessment, leaders get a report with compelling information that adds depth to their personal understanding.  If accompanied with training, strong visuals support the learning process for leaders by illustrating key messages.
This Everything DiSC program approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship. It focuses on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes.
Simply put, it is easy to begin implementing Everything DiSC Work of Leaders in your organization.  Start with getting your leaders assessed.  TeamMechanics can guide you through this process and will provide expert interpretation and on-site Everything DiSC training and reinforcement activities for follow-up. 

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What can you expect from Everything DiSC Work of Leaders?

Everything DiSC assessments and reports allow leaders to become more self-aware.  As a result of this new knowledge, you will:

  • Learn about the DiSC model and how it informs your role of the leader

  • Discover your leadership style and priorities on the Everything DiSC Leadership Map

  • Gain an introduction to the Everything DiSC Work of Leader’s process

  • Explore and discover how you approach each of the three unique drivers for Vision, Alignment and Execution

  • Explore your strengths and challenges and create an action plan for improvement

what you can expect from Everything DiSC work of leaders
Self-awareness leads to better communication, more inspired leadership, and improved results!

Why does TeamMechanics recommend Everything DiSC?  

Because it works.  Here's the proof.

Easy-to-understand reports.

Your personal profile is presented in easy-to-understand language.

Download the sample report and the sample comparison report and see for yourself. 

Success stories across industries.

Everything DiSC is scalable and affordable for work groups of all sizes and in all industries.


Review the success stories from Honda Motors, Spectrum Healthcare, First United Bank, and the NCAA and be inspired!

Backed by 40 years of research.

Everything DiSC is backed by over 40 years of research.


You may also read about the evolution of DiSC reporting over the years.


Are you ready to begin?

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