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Manager & Supervisor Coaching

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If you want to be a better coach, invest in yourself to bring out the best in others.

All leaders -- whether they are new supervisors, managers, or Senior Vice Presidents – know the value of good coaching, and probably had at least one good mentor along the way.  In sports, even the best athletes learn and take advice from a coach.  In business, a good coach can help you see things in a different way so that you can reach your full potential.

Coaches help you capitalize on your strengths in your work environment.  A good coach also helps you discover areas of weakness and guides you in the process of compensating for them.  In this way, an impartial, outside coach can see things from a new perspective and help you in ways that insiders may be afraid to communicate or may no longer see as valuable.

Manager Coaching Microlearning Video

Watch this video and learn how on-the-spot coaching is an effective technique for both new and experienced supervisors and managers to help empower their team and enhance their skills, and prevent the manager from slipping back into the "doer" role.
How Our Coaching Works

How TeamMechanics Coaching Works

We will help you become a more effective coach with your team.

You will feel like a rock star when we are finished!

When should you bring in a coach?

From the Leader's Perspective
  • You have provided the appropriate training but the employee’s skills and behaviors remain unchanged.

  • The employee has generally good work performance overall but is still struggling in a few key areas.         

  • You are at an “impasse” with the employee – he or she is doing enough to reach minimal performance standards, but still has not unlocked full potential.

  • You have not been able to change the personal “dynamic” you have as a coach/mentor to the employee.

From the “Coachee’s” Perspective
  • Not satisfied with own personal performance – a desire to get to the next level but not knowing what to do next

  • Having a tough time breaking out of unproductive work behaviors

  • Feeling like he or she is in a “rut” and that work is not as enjoyable as it once was

  • Having ongoing trouble influencing or collaborating with co-workers and the team leader

If any of these situations apply, you or someone on your team may benefit from one-to-one coaching.


Our first priority is to learn about you and your specific needs, and earn your trust through transparent, honest dialogue


Observing and documenting your leadership style in everyday workplace situations


Engaging you in a process of self-discovery to identify your strengths and developmental opportunities


Sharing behavioral observations with you during confidential, structured feedback sessions

Flexible Scheduling Options


Flexible appointment times to fit into your business workday, including before and after hours and weekend appointments


In person, by phone, or video chat based on your preference, location, and needs.


We'll use Zoom or Google Meet, or we'll meet you at your workplace or offsite in a comfortable, conducive location.

Flexible Scheduling Options

What can you expect from a TeamMechanics Coach?

expert coaching for supervisors, managers and leaders
Our Promise to You


We will:

  • Work with you to mutually determine your goals from coaching before we begin

  • Observe and listen attentively

  • Guide you and give you honest feedback based on behavioral observations

  • Challenge your assumptions when necessary

  • Provide ideas to you to increase your leadership effectiveness, based on your leadership style, our observations, and your own coaching objectives

Our Promise to You

Ready for a Coach?

We work flexibly to accommodate your busy schedule.  You can count on us to make it easy to get the coaching help you or your team members need, without the hassle.​

  • No minimums, no maximums
  • In person or by video or phone
  • Onsite or off-site
  • Before and after hours, and weekend scheduling
TeamMechanics is here to help you!  Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We will confirm availability and provide you with a customized coaching solution to match your needs.
time to get a coach for supervisors and managers
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