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Everything DiSC Sales® is the best disc profile for sales!

best disc profile for sales

Why is Everything DiSC Sales the best disc profile for sales & customer service professionals?

Everything DiSC Sales arms your salespeople with the tools they need to improve their effectiveness with their customers and read their buying styles and signals.  Isn't that what the best sales and customer service people do well?  When you give your team a better understanding of their customer's needs and what they need most to make buying decisions, your sales people will achieve more sales and deliver better bottom line results to your business.
Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about how the best disc profile for sales can help you increase your communication versatility with customers.

TeamMechanics is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner

What is Everything DiSC Sales?

Everything DiSC Sales gives your salespeople with the skills to adapt to customers’ preferences and expectations.
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Everything DiSC® Sales is a classroom training and personalized learning experience designed to help salespeople successfully create customer-centric interactions that improve results. Participants learn how to stretch beyond their natural Sales style to more effectively adapt to their customers’ preferences and expectations—regardless of the customer’s unique buying style. The experience is sales-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help salespeople become more effective.

After you take the 20-minute assessment, you will receive a personalized report with straightforward, everyday language to help you understand your communication style and the priorities that shape your sales experience. 

Start with getting your sales team assessed with Everything DiSC Sales.  TeamMechanics can guide you through this process, and we provide expert interpretation and on-site Everything DiSC training and reinforcement activities for follow-up. 

Everything DiSC® is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., or its affiliated companies.

Audience & Price

Sales & Customer Service

buying styles and drivers

$135 per assessment

Content Delivery

Virtual or Classroom

flexible delivery (60 min or more)


Meetings & Retreats

groups of 3 or more


Small & Large Group

plus single and paired activities

Benefits of Everything DiSC Sales

Discover how Everything DiSC Sales arms your salespeople with the tools they need to improve their effectiveness and deliver better bottom line results.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your own communication style when working with others

  • Understand the priorities that shape your sales experience

  • Understand your sales strengths that help you excel and the difficulties that challenge you

  • Be able to observe and determine others' communication styles so that you can adapt their own behaviors to effectively work together

  • Recognize different buying styles and the priorities that influence buying decisions

  • Understand how to adapt your own style to better relate to customers and prospects

Businessman on Phone
Easy-to-understand reports.

Your personal profile is presented in easy-to-understand language.  Download the sample reports and see for yourself. 

Everything DiSC is trusted worldwide and backed by 40+ years of research.

Global Trust and Impact

In total, DiSC has impacted 8 million learners in over 130,000 organizations worldwide and is available in 14 languages in over 70 countries around the globe.

Validation Thru Research

Powered by 40+ years of research, each Everything DiSC personality assessment combines adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise insights to each participant.

Are you ready to increase sales?

TeamMechanics is here to help!

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We will confirm availability and provide you with a customized solution to match your needs.

Let's drive results with customer-centric relationships!

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