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How an Everything DiSC® Experience Works


How, where and when can you use Everything DiSC?

Everything DiSC is an affordable, customized team-building and professional development solution that combines validated Everything DiSC® assessments with fun, interactive in-person or virtual training. Our assessment and training packages range from $160 to $450 per person, based on your needs and goals, and depending on the number of participants.

Our customized solutions are appropriate for people at all levels of an organization to help them improve their interactions with peers, managers, direct reports, and customers.  Built-in online reinforcement tools and tips provide real-time help on demand, anywhere, anytime.

Where can you use Everything DiSC?

DiSC is widely used in every industry and setting:

  • Team and trust building activities

  • Monthly or quarterly staff meetings

  • Leadership retreats

  • Sales meetings

  • Non-profit board meetings

  • Management and supervisor trainings

  • Leadership visioning and planning meetings

Best Uses for Everything DiSC

DiSC expertly supports these work activities:

  • Team building - building rapport and trust

  • Employee Meetings

  • Employee onboarding

  • Employee coaching and mentoring

  • Employee development

  • Getting buy-in

  • Reducing stress

DiSC is not meant for hiring or selection.


You begin your journey with a validated DiSC assessment to build your SELF-AWARENESS.
  • What drives and motivates you
  • What stresses you
  • How you may see others
  • How others may see you
Download a sample report.

A Summary of the Everything DiSC Participant Experience



You learn about OTHERS through interactive training activities (classroom or virtual).

Read participant testimonials.
You begin to RECOGNIZE similarities and differences and
learn to APPRECIATE others' styles

This new AWARENESS lessens misunderstanding and unspoken
criticisms that cause stress and drain productivity.


You use your new personalized TIPS & STRATEGIES to improve work interactions in your role to build trust and get better results!
lady green.png
Access TIPS & REINFORCEMENT through Catalyst from any device real-time, on demand.
You get immediate HELP, anytime, anywhere you want it.

Everyone WINS!

Better interactions lead to less stress, more fun, and better results.

Everyone wins!
couple in blue.png

When people accept and value others and try to meet their needs, they get MORE done together FASTER with LESS stress and better results!

Learner Takeaways

A New Self-Awareness

Participants become more self-aware and understand how their reactions to other styles, and how their own behaviors may be perceived by others.

Appreciation for Others

Participants learn the differences between styles and gain a new appreciation for the characteristics and strengths each brings to the workplace.

Personalized Strategies

Depending on the DiSC application, participants will identify specific tips to use in their specific role or in specific situations to better communicate with others.

Ongoing Reinforcement

Participants have access to the Catalyst platform for real-time tips and reinforcement, no matter where they are.  The learning continues long after the training is done.

How We Facilitate Everything DiSC

If you want to bring a DiSC experience to your team or group, you've found the right partner. TeamMechanics expertly customizes the experience to match your goals and needs.
Our Approach
Customized for Your Audience

TeamMechanics will recommend the appropriate DiSC applications based on the audience with 1 to 6 hours of content. We have solutions that are for general contributors, sales and customer service professionals, managers, and leaders.  We also have solutions that address particular concepts including emotional intelligence, productive conflict and team and trust-building behaviors.

Aligned with Your Goals

Prior to making a recommendation, we conduct discovery with you to understand your goals for the session to provide a great experience for the participants.  Whether your goals are to help the team to understand how they are alike and different, or reduce spoken or unspoken tension in the workplace, or improve the effectiveness of specific roles, we have solutions to match your needs.

Easy Timeline & Investment

TeamMechanics' DiSC assessments with training packages range from $160-$450 pp, depending on the number of learners, the types of assessments, the number of sessions and total hours of training.  With as little as 2 weeks notice (and preferably 3 weeks), we can engage and provide assessments with customized training for your team.  Contact us for facilitator availability and get a customized quote.

Flexible Training Location

TeamMechanics will conduct virtual sessions or travel to a location of your choice, or a combination of both.  We'll meet you at your office, an offsite location, or a resort for an annual retreat.  For effective and interactive classroom training, the location should be equipped with audio visual equipment to show a slide presentation and videos, and ideally is wi-fi enabled for both facilitators and participants.  

Complete Turnkey Solution

TeamMechanics' solutions include a unique customized team map, all classroom materials (flip chart paper, markers, etc.), and all participant materials (printed reports, handouts, folders, etc.).  We strive to make it easy on the sponsors and administrative staff, especially if they are session participants.  Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to help everyone involved enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Built-in Reinforcement

Every participant has real-time, on demand access to Catalyst for personal development long after the training has finished.  Catalyst provides personalized tips for each person to work better with each specific colleague.  TeamMechanics consults with and provides our clients with reinforcement ideas and activities to keep DiSC alive and thriving to support a culture of communication within the team or organization. 

Our goal is to help hundreds of teams transform their work cultures in the next five years because people who feel valued and accepted contribute more value, and as a result, everybody wins!

If we aren't the right solutions provider for you, we'll tell you.  Your time is valuable and we want to make sure we can give you the outcomes you desire.  We will do our best to recommend a solution provider to meet your needs.

If you're ready to ask questions, get a quote or need additional information, please reach out!  We're standing by to help.

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