Strategic Planning, Anonymous Feedback, & Group Alignment

Is there an easier way to make decisions and gather feedback?

Our electronic, anonymous voting tool is a highly interactive, fun and fast way to help groups make progress during meetings.

TeamMechanics uses a wireless, interactive, anonymous, electronic voting tool that polls for group alignment and consensus.  It provides a group processing structure without getting in the way of meaningful discussion.
By incorporating the tool, you will:
  • Quickly synthesize and accumulate large amounts of data from a group meeting
  • Overcome dominating influence of high-ranking group members
  • Develop more imaginative and new ideas for solving problems
  • Identify and prioritize action steps that promise the greatest payoff
  • Reach a higher level of shared commitment to achieve your desired objectives
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How can the anonymous voting tool help your organization?

How the tool helps


Decision-making is slow or contentious

A structured voting process allows you to make quick, effective, and on-purpose decisions and gives everyone a vote


Meetings have lost focus, don't stay on track and waste precious time

A structured agenda with on-the-fly voting brings value to the group in less time and with better outcomes  


Customers and markets change, forcing reaction vs. leading with information

Conduct focus groups, develop market strategies and detailed customer profiles 


Strategic decisions are not understood by everyone and communication is mixed

Improve the planning process and leverage the best thinking of the group while driving commitment vs. just compliance


Training programs are in place but effectiveness is unclear

Prioritize learning objectives, make decisions regarding placement of content, and obtain user feedback on specific training modules

This flexible, powerful anonymous voting tool may be used with any type of group across all industries.
  • Mission & Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Reinforce Learning
  • Culture Convergence
  • Decisions & Alignment
  • Opportunity Maps
  • Action Plans
  • Team Building & Values
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Surveys
  • Marketing Data
  • Employee Feedback

What is the cost of indecision or remaining "stuck"?

  • Lack of innovation and creativity
  • Costly training that doesn't "stick"
  • Stagnant teams
  • Little organizational growth
  • Low morale
  • Loss of sales ranking
  • Losing competitive edge
  • Lower profits/donations or shareholder returns
Can you really afford to wait any longer?