DIY Help

If you prefer to “do it yourself,” here are the cost-effective tools to help get you started.

Roll up your sleeves and begin by investing 20 minutes.

Whether you are an employee, a supervisor, a small business owner or a corporate executive, we have DIY help for you.

You can get started by taking a personal assessment that fits your work situation.  It all begins with 20 minutes and 3 simple steps.

Self-Help in 3 Simple Steps

DIY help for leaders, vision, alignment and execution
Begin with a 20-minute assessment that profiles your communication style within your specific role.
Once you have completed the assessment, check your email and read the personalized report with your specific results.
Implement the suggestions in the report to become more effective in your specific role and adopt new behaviors for better communication.
Free Bonus!  If a coworker takes the assessment as well, each of you may receive a free personalized comparison report to learn specific things you can do to become more effective as you communicate and work together.  Contact TeamMechanics to learn more.

Select the assessment that best describes your role.

Supervisors &
For more information about these assessments above, click on the links below.

Workplace:  A self-assessment tool for all individuals and organizations to understand their own style and better communicate with others of different styles.

Sales:  A self-assessment tool designed to improve sales relationships and sales effectiveness.

Management:  A self-assessment profile for supervisors and managers to better direct and delegate, and understand their team's motivations, desired recognition and preferred rewards.

Work of Leaders:  A self-assessment for leaders to identify their strengths and weaknesses for each of 3 drivers associated with casting vision, gaining alignment and overseeing execution.

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